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We create websites with modern designs and features for businesses that are professionally developed and optimized for the best desktop and mobile experiences. We insist that our solutions are affordable, easy to maintain and with the flexibility to grow with your business needs.

There are two inextricably linked aspects to building a successful website – the look and feel of the site and how your customers find it on the web and use it – you need both for the site to work.

When we create web sites we tend to follow a formula – a formula that works. We want your site to have visual impact, to correctly portray your business and its corporate identity, equally it is vital that it is simple to navigate and has very clear sales messages.

Our web design services are categorised under:

  • E-commerce Online Procurement Websites
  • Client Managed Content
  • Online Brochure Web Sites

Web Design Portfolio

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Website design and development portfolio from Zimbabwe's leading website development company. Offering you bespoke content management systems, intranet and extranet development, online procurement web solutions and brocure websites. Please take your time to look through our sample work below.

Our Web Development System

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After many years in the web development industry and with well over 100 websites produced we have fine tuned our web design process into a seamless solution. Our Process, when followed produces cost effective results for our clients and enables them to get onto the web profitably, efficently and painlessly!

Our Web Design Process:

The guideline below is used for the majority of websites that we produce. However, depending on the particular client and their requirements, there may be a need to deviate from the process to some degree.

  • Initial Client Meetings
    Introductory meetings will be held with the client to establish what the client expects to achieve out of their website. We will also discuss the client's unique sales propositions, their business strenghts and a background to the products and services they offer. We seek an idea of styles, the structure of the website itself and help with business ideas - where we can.
  • Web Design Quotation
    A cost estimate will be submitted to the client based on the agreed objectives and structure for the website.
  • Timelines
    Website development timelines will be agreed upon. These timelines will guide in development of the website from start to finish and include content deadlines from the client as well as our agreed web development deadlines.
  • Template Design
    A design template will be produced and presented for review. The template will illustrate the look and feel of the entire website, the navigation and content layout. If necessary, the template design will be adapted as per the clients requests and will be represented until the client is satisfied with the design.
  • Coding and Development of the Website
    Once the template design has been agreed upon and signed off by the client and we have recieved the content for the website from the client, we begin coding and development of the entire website.
  • Client Website Review
    The website will be presented to the client and they will have the opportunity to test it in a preview enviroment and request changes prior to launching.
  • Client Changes
    Any changes requested by the client will be made and the website will be re-submitted to the client for review.
  • Website Launch
    Final payment is made, visitor tracking code and reporting software is installed and the website is made live to the public.

Known Issues:

With all honesty, the main failure we have identified in our web development system rests firmly in the hands of the client. Too often a client will want a website, but is ill prepared to do the work involved on their part; in writing the content for the website or planning the structure of the site itself. This results in unnessary time delays, increased costs and frustration for the client and ourselves. It is with this in mind that we have now added website copywriting services to our offerings.

How to Maximise Your Website's Potential:

Follow our web development guidelines, increase your ROI and avoid investing your money in a donkey!

  • Do your homework - Take a look at your competiors websites, note what you like about them and what you don't. Definatly think about how your going to make your website better!
  • Research - Study the websites of the web development companies that you plan to contact, analyse examples of their work, read their appraisals, and try to make an educated decision on who to choose.
  • Plan - Sketch out your business plan. Write down your companies strengths. Catigorise your products and services. Create goals for what you would like your website to achieve and discuss these ideas with your chosen web developers.
  • Tear up the cheapest quote! - Unless it's ours! Millions of web companies and individuals offer websites ridiculously cheaply, unfortunalty 99.9% of the time you will end up with just that - cheap! We can't speak for you but we would never spend our marketing budget on an advert that creates a negative impression - regardless of absolutley anything!
  • Consult - Speak to friends and collueges who have websites and ask them about their experiences. Also please feel free to chat to us, in person, over the phone or internet - our web design consultation in Zimbabwe is 100% free because we have a vested interest in the industry and we plan to help it grow.
  • Avoid being too trendy - Unless you have a substantial advertising budget, or your Nike, Sony, Coke a Cola, Ferrari or Harrods, understand that on average 82.3% of leads to the majority of websites come through search engines; like google, yahoo, msn and many others. Unfortunatly search engines can't judge how trendy your site is, nor can they interperate your graphics or photos. They rely on what you write, how you wrote it and predominantly rate you on that.
  • Again - Avoid being too trendy - Make sure there are clear sales messages on your website and insist that what you do obvious; Incourage people to buy from or contact you. Assure them that they have found the right place.
  • Keep your website accessible - Ensure that those with disabilities have equal opportunity to purchase your products and services.
  • Trust - Once you have accepted a quotation from a web design company, believe that they will deliver what you asked for and try not interfear too much! As profesionals, they will contact you when they need something cleared up, and they should understand what you want to achieve.
  • Don't DIY - Web design takes years of trial and many more of error, the learning curve is steep. Stick to what you do well and reward those who do something for you.